Midwest Pro Soccer Combine

December 2019 / Applications Open October 1st


Joseph cudjoe

Position: 2, 8/6

Body Fat:13.7%   30m:4.16   10m:1.72   Vertical:28.1   5/10/05:4.32

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Cudjoe is a versatile player who can be deployed as the 2 or 8/6. He has the engine to cover box-to-box and the pace to cover ground quickly. In the team attack he has the technical capacity to play out of pressure and is dangerous penetrating both central and wide channels. During defensive phases he is eager to press high up the pitch to create transition and does an excellent job of neutralizing opposing attackers.   

Currently a member of Vision FC (Ghanian 1st Division) Cudjoe's playing history boasts experience in Europe as well. He will be one of the more experienced players in the combine and is eager to bring his skill set to North America.