Midwest Pro Soccer Combine

December 19-20, 2019

What is provided in my registration fee?

Unlike most combines your registration fee includes almost all of your combine expenses; Capelli jersey, online player profile, 3 matches in front of pro coaches, fitness testing, video of all your match footage & access to our professional club network. The combine will also provide lunches for you on both days.


Are refunds granted?

The $25 player application fee is non-refundable. The $225 player registration fee for the combine is non-refundable when requested within 14 days prior to the event. Refunds requested outside of the 14 day window are subject to processing fees, which may not be refunded. 


I still have college eligibility remaining, should I apply for the combine?

College athletes wishing to apply for the Midwest Pro Soccer Combine should check with their school's NCAA compliance officer and college coach to make sure that applying to the combine will not affect their college eligibility. Different governing bodies (NCAA, NAIA, JUCO, etc) have different regulations and the Midwest Pro Soccer Combine will not take any responsibility regarding your NCAA eligibility. 


What additional costs do I need to cover?

The only expenses you will need to cover are; your travel to & from Brighton, Michigan, your stay Monday night (check out our list of preferred hotels), and your dinner.


When should I arrive?

Players are expected to arrive for check-in between 8-9am on the first day of the combine.


What professional clubs will be attending the event?

Every professional club in North America (MLS, USL Championship, USL League One, NISA & the Canadian Premier League) will be invited to the event. There are a handful of international clubs in our network that will also be invited to attend. 


How much time in front of scouts will I get?

You will play in 3, 60-minute matches, all of which will be viewed by professional scouts, coaches & agents. Goalkeepers will participate in a 30min GK only session as well.


Where is the hotel & can I share a room with another player?

Please check our list of preferred hotels if you need to make a reservation. And yes, we can help you link up with another player at the combine so you can split the cost of the hotel. Please email Eric Rudland (ejrudland@gmail.com) and he will help you coordinate your hotel.


What meals are provided?

Lunch is provided both days. Breakfast is included with our partner hotel. 


What style of jerseys will we wear?   

Each Player will receive a Capelli Jersey, Capelli Short and one pair of Capelli Socks. 


What is different about this combine compared to others?

Our combine is unique in 4 ways 1) We value Quality over Quantity. We are very selective in the players we accept into the event to ensure that each man has the ability to push on to a pro contract. 2) Professional scouts will have access to watching each 60 minute match as there are no overlapping matches on multiple fields. 3) We will be carrying 16-17 players on each team's roster to maximize the time you have to be evaluated. With that said each player will play for 180 minutes in front of pro coaches, scouts & agents. 4) Each player will receive match video footage from each match they play in, which can be used to compile a highlight video or share with prospective professional clubs. 5) Lastly, every player will have a personal profile page created on our website that helps share your information with professional clubs attending the combine.


How are players selected for the event?

Players are vetted intensely to ensure a high standard of play during the combine. Players will be selected to the Midwest Pro Combine based on their Technique - Intelligence - Personality & Speed criteria. Furthermore, the following data will be examined: player's date of birth, foreign vs domestic status, dominant foot, positional play and playing history. During the application process players will also be asked to submit 3 recommendations/references and provide recent video footage (full length matches + highlight video), which will be analyzed in the player screening process. 


What is the closest major airport & what transportation is provided at the event?

For players who are flying in for the combine the closest major airport is Detroit Metro (DTW), which is 45minutes from the Legacy Center Sports Complex and our preferred hotel. A shuttle van from Detroit Metro will be available to transport players to and from the hotel during the event. Players who are interested in this service need to fill out the appropriate form to input their flight information.